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Infinity has been working with Supercritical CO2 for a few years now, and is looking into incorporating it into boosting the power of conventional gas turbines, including turboshaft engines such as United Technologys (now Mitsubishi) Pratt Whitney and Capstone Microturbine.

Innovation is centering around injecting liquid CO2 in the hot section to reduce temperature and increase thrust. For stationary applications, such as the Capstone Microturbine, the liquid CO2 could replace the current working fluid (air) which would completely isolate the Brayton Cycle engine, and allow any external heat source to be used, without compromising high altitude or high ambient temperature conditions. Since much of this work is proprietary, we can only give you highlights of our proposed development in a public forum.

Work on large gas turbines will have to wait until we get access to airport hangar space to commence development and testing, where we have access to Jet A, parts and service. We also hope to use our hangar access to provide live demos of our new developments to customers in the aviation community.




Infinity is also working on Triboelectric Generation (TENG) and Electrostatic Propulsion (Ion drive and plasma wing technology).